Dental Implants for San Antonio, TX

Dental Implants are a great advancement in dentistry as they permanently replace missing teeth in a way that no previous dental technique was able to accomplish. Implants are anchors made out of the strongest titanium materials, that are implanted into the bone and then covered with a cap or denture. They are stronger than a natural root and will never require a root canal or filling. An implant will help maintain the health and shape of the bone in the jaw area, and neighboring teeth do not need to be filed down to make room for it.

It is imperative that the dentist performing the implant be experienced and skilled in all the proper techniques of implant dentistry. When done successfully, an implant will result in a comfortable and natural looking tooth, thereby providing a permanent solution to a missing tooth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Despite medical advances in the dental industry, thousands of people in the San Antonio area alone suffer from tooth loss. Dental implants are a simple yet incredibly effective way for patients suffering from tooth loss to regain their smiles and confidence. Implants replace tooth roots and provide a foundation for either permanent or removable false teeth. This offers a number of advantages over other tooth loss treatment, most notably in the appearance of the implants themselves. Because of the way they are put in, implants look and feel like real teeth, which can not only maximize their functionality but also improve a patients smile and confidence. Functionally speaking, implants make it easier to eat than other solutions (like dentures), and because they arenít detachable, make speaking clearly a breeze. If you are considering dental implants and live in the San Antonio area, give the team at Cheryl E. Davis, D.M.D a call!

Do You Need Implants?

You may know that implants are a great solution for a number of dental problems, but how do you know when they might help you? One of the most common reasons people get implants is that they have lost an adult tooth. If the space is left unfilled, your other teeth may start to shift and cause crookedness, changes to your bite pattern and other complications. Another reason someone may want to consider implants is if their teeth are in a state of severe decay and need to be extracted. Symptoms of tooth decay can include pain, looseness, redness/receding gums, and a highly-discolored tooth (or teeth). The instances mentioned, as well as other factors, could necessitate dental implants. If you experience any of the above, it is a good idea to make a visit to your local dentist to get your teeth checked out, and to see whether implants are the right solution for you. If you are in San Antonio or any of the surrounding areas, you can stop by Abilene Premier Eye Care, and we will be happy to discuss your options further with you.

We are Conveniently Located in San Antonio

Cheryl E. Davis, D.M.D is located in San Antonio for your convenience. We provide dental implants and a variety of other dental services to patients throughout San Antonio and surrounding cities/towns. Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment, or browse our other services.